Marianas’ Governor Benigno Fitial facing impeachment bid

FromĀ Australia Network News:

A minority bloc in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ House of Representatives has filed an impeachment resolution against Governor Benigno Fitial, who is in the United States for the Republican National Convention.

The resolution was filed by Joseph Deleon Guerrero, a former Republican who has left the party and is now an independent.

It accuses the governor of “multiple felonies, multiple acts of public corruption” and of neglecting official duties.

“We have listed 16 articles, five of which are acts of corruption, seven acts of neglect of office or rather neglect of duty and four commissions of felonies,” Representative Guerrero told Radio Australia’sPacific BeatĀ program.

“We believe that through his actions he has breached his oath of office and through his actions there is apparently no regard for the rule of law or transparency,” he said. Continue reading